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Hybrid/Multi Cloud, Security, Apps/Devops, Containers, AI/ML, IoT, Data Analytics and More

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Full-Day Virtual Summits focused around Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

April Summits on Digital Transformation covered cloud, security, devops, AI, containers, IoT, analytics, data and more – and were very well-received.

“Great job bringing together the right speakers and topics as they are aligned with our next steps.” CISO, GE Capital

Summer Summits address Hybrid Cloud, Security/Compliance and Costs in June, then Multi-Cloud, plus Applications/DevOps, AI/ML and Data/Analytics in July. August Summits will be industry/sector specific while Fall programs focus on 2021 planning by geography: EMEA in September, North America in October. Watch the video to the right for more information.

On-Demand webinars, plus CEO Ron Gerber’s podcasts and videoblogs, are shown below. Expand your skills while getting CEU/CISSP credits.

live SEMINARS ON-HOLD due to coronavirus

Due to Coronavirus and Angelbeat®’s focus on the health of its speakers and attendees, all live seminars are on-hold. Hopefully medical experts and the CDC will make progress on treating this pandemic over the next few months, allowing Angelbeat® to resume programs in August or the fall.

Technology to enable home-based workers while allowing organizations to function has proven essential during these difficult times. Through 20 years of IT events, Angelbeat® is pleased to have played a role in making Work-From-Home (WFH) feasible and secure.

The Angelbeat® team is here to help with IT strategy, vendor contacts, peer interaction, career/job choices, etc. Email with any and all questions. I hope you and your family are safe and healthy.

Ron Gerber, CEO Angelbeat®

$’s for Pandemics & Security

Angelbeat CEO Ron Gerber comments on the challenges of funding IT Security projects – or preparing for Pandemics – when times are good.

AWS Cloud Security

Listen to how AWS secures its cloud infrastructure, plus protects your data and applications, from the Angelbeat Virtual Summit.

Microsoft Cloud Security

Listen to how Microsoft secures its cloud infrastructure, plus protects your data and applications, from the Angelbeat Virtual Summit.

Google Cloud Security

Listen to how Google secures its cloud infrastructure, plus protects your data and applications, from the Angelbeat Virtual Summit.

Industrial iOt applications

IIoT is the Industrial Internet of Things. IIoT enhances industrial efficiencies through the application of IoT in the manufacturing industry, such as a connected factory solution accelerator.

HYBRID Cloud Compliance

Managing risk across private, public, hybrid and multi clouds makes IT security/compliance very complex and time-consuming. Learn how to address these issues, in a world of cloud sprawl and multiple regulations.

Cloud migration Cost Savings

Cloud migrations are increasing exponentially as organizations reduce their reliance on on-prem computing. Learn from Steve how to accomplish these migrations cost-effectively and save money.

Disaster Recovery Services

Business continuity depends on the efficient, uninterrupted flow of data across an organization. Learn how AWS can prevent even a brief lapse in workload continuity

The Value of Dogs/Pets

After a few days of social distancing, I never realized how much my family needs our dog. He brings unconditional love, plus a sense of normalcy.

AWS, Microsoft, Google

Amazon, Microsoft and Google will dominate cloud computing even more, post-coronavirus. Containers and cloud-native solutions offer flexibility and control.


IT Pro's must focus on cloud, applications, security and data learning & initiatives, even during Coronavirus, for personal advancement and digital transformation.

Coronavirus Cloud Migrations

Steve Woodard, Enterprise Solution Architect at AWS, discusses how organizations accelerated their cloud migration strategies during Coronavirus.