The Angelbeat seminar “experience” is unique because of our focus on the educational needs of the attendee. Angelbeat CEO Ron Gerber, a widely respected analyst/blogger (see below), arranges expert speakers who deliver concise/technical talks on complementary and non-overlapping topics, maximizing learning in a short timeframe. CPE/CISSP credits are provided. Click here to listen to Gerber’s podcast on why you should attend. Here is what the Director of IT Infrastructure at a Fortune 100 corporation said about Angelbeat; we get this positive feedback at every one of our 79 locations: “Thanks for hosting a very informative meeting with vendors that tied in well… it was an integrated picture of technologies that work together to create a complete infrastructure solution for the workplace.”
Some of the topics covered at each seminar include:
     1. Extend Your Virtual Infrastructure/Data Center to the Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud
     2. Secure Web 2.0 and Cloud-based Applications, plus Virtual Platforms, against Malware/DNS Attacks
     3. Implement BYOD and Support Tablets/Smartphones on Wireless Networks
Get details and signup by clicking on the city/date below, hit the register button, email contact info to or call 516-277-2057.

Angelbeat CEO Ron Gerber Blog

Edward Snowden – Hero or Traitor One Year Later

One of my neighbors recently did an online search for a new backpack for her son (needed for summer camp). Then a few days later she did another search for a pressure cooker (planning a summer BBQ).

The next day the FBI arrived at her door, making sure that (God Forbid) there wasn’t another Boston Marathon-type terrorist attack.

Many people were initially …

The Battle Grows for the Digital Living Room

The Fire SmartPhone launch is just the latest escalation in the high-stakes battle for control of the increasingly digitized living room. And yes, this is absolutely a war amongst Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and others, each looking to capture the hearts and minds of the consumer – and of course their pocket book.

In the short-term, this competition is definitely good …

Google/Android/Motorola vs Microsoft/Windows Phone/Nokia

Google purchased Motorola and Microsoft acquired Nokia for the same strategic reasons and at approximately the same time, namely to strengthen their position in this increasingly mobile world. How these acquisitions have played out offer some revealing insights into these two technology giants.
1. Both used substantial profits from other businesses to fund the multi-billion dollar acquisition price, and cover annual …

Gates’ Internet Tidal Wave 1995 Memo, 2000 Justice Antitrust Case, Ballmer’s Legacy, What Microsoft Should Do Next

Here is my assessment of Ballmer’s legacy and how Microsoft as an organization responded to Gate’s 1995 Internet Tidal Wave memo and the Department of Justice 2000 antitrust case. Hopefully you’ll find some new insights and let’s start with my grades for Ballmer:
Strategic D: After becoming CEO in 2000 he correctly prioritized the importance of tablets/touch screens, mobile software/smartphones, smart …

Fingerprint Scanner in iPhone 5S, Voice/Video Biometric Sign-on

There is lots of hype around the recent iPhone 5S release because of its inclusion of a fingerprint sensor developed by Authentec – acquired by Apple last year – for increased device security and mobile payment functionality. Couple of observations.
First Authentec was acquired for $350 Million as much for its intellectual property – which strengthens Apple’s position against Samsung and …

Angelbeat Internal Cloud Deployments – The Power/Weight of Legacy Apps

The challenges and pro’s/con’s of moving Angelbeat’s internal infrastructure to the cloud provides some valuable insights to organizations of all sizes, who are undoubtedly grappling with similar issues. IT at Angelbeat is fairly robust, including onsite and remote/traveling workers, >250,000 contacts maintained on Exchange, customized CRM/event registration apps developed in 1999 (when Angelbeat was formed), a dedicated server/data center/storage room, …

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