Big Tech, Fed Stimulus

CEO Ron Gerber on why BigTech gets BIGGER, and how Coronavirus/Social Distancing affects Angelbeat (a small business) and meetings long-term.

Job Recovery With $2 Trillion

$2 Trillion Federal Stimulus is GREAT. Medical researchers must find a cure/treatment, so haircutters and event planners work, drink Corona Beer!

Bubble Boy: Keep Kids Happy

I told my children about a real-life Bubble Boy, who faced a lifetime of permanent social distancing. They understand it can always be worse.

The Value of Dogs/Pets

After a few days of social distancing, I never realized how much my family needs our dog. He brings unconditional love, plus a sense of normalcy.

Digital/Online Training

CEO Ron Gerber explains Angelbeat's focus on online training and digital content while live events are temporarily on-hold, given the Coronavirus.

Good News from china

Learn why CEO Ron Gerber has an optimistic, glass half full outlook: China has one new coronavirus case, plus Korean businesses restart/resume.

Working From Home

Vendors and IT Pro's who speak and attend Angelbeat live events - plus our staff - work at home, even before Coronavirus. Learn about best practices.

20 Years of angelbeat

CEO Ron Gerber reflects on 20+ years of IT seminars, including Microsoft's smartwatch 15 years ago and why IBM calls its AI platform Watson (not Sherlock Holmes).


IT Pro's must focus on cloud, applications, security and data learning & initiatives, even during Coronavirus, for personal advancement and digital transformation.

AI applications: it & OT

CEO Ron Gerber explains how AI in Industrial, Power Grid, Transportation, etc. - must allow for human override of automated software decisions.