Industrial iOt applications

IIoT is the Industrial Internet of Things. IIoT enhances industrial efficiencies through the application of IoT in the manufacturing industry, such as a connected factory solution accelerator.

HYBRID Cloud Compliance

Managing risk across private, public, hybrid and multi clouds makes IT security/compliance very complex and time-consuming. Learn how to address these issues, in a world of cloud sprawl and multiple regulations.

AI/Cloud-Powered Bots

Microsoft AI-powered and Cloud-based Cognitive Services automate human interactions. A simple API call – no machine-learning expertise needed – embeds BoTs in your apps, that see, hear, speak, search, understand, and accelerate your decision-making.

Zero Trust Security

Security spending up 11% yet cyberattacks rose 50%. How can organizations safely deliver digital transformation? Check Point discusses how Zero Trust  plus other techniques can improve outcomes in Cloud, Advanced Threats and Mobility.

IT Security automation

As IT environments become more complex, so do your security challenges. Learn how Check Point automation and orchestration helps you assess risk, remediate issues and ensure compliance by programmatically addressing security tasks and processes.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA automates, secures and scales business processes, from legacy to modern, across the enterprise, to eliminate error-prone manual tasks. Learn from Micro Focus about new robo workers, that liberate human brainpower and ignite productivity.

Network Access Control

Network access control supports visibility and access management through policy enforcement on devices and users. Learn from PKA to support home workers, stop insecure nodes from infecting your network/data, and restrict non-compliant access.

Data Analytics

Google’s track record in innovation – there are nine platforms with more than one billion users – allows Google Cloud Platform customers access to the tools and capabilities built for these platforms, to drive value in their own Data, ML, and AI applications.

Scaling Telemedicine

Learn to Quickly Deploy Telemedicine Applications, Given COVID-19 and CMS Regulatory Changes/Relaxation. With so many healthcare organizations providing treatment via your smartphone, this content is very timely and relevant.


DR has never been more critical with the rampant rise in ransomware attacks. Learn how to prepare for and recover from a ransomware attack and other disasters, what are the most common DR events, and integrating DR plans with public cloud services.

DRAas with VMWare & AWS

Traditional DR is expensive, complex and unreliable. With its cloud native design, built-in backups, instant RTO and on-demand model, Datrium DRaaS converts the complex DR/backup process into an easy-to-use SaaS solution based on VMware and AWS.

CASB Technologies and Comparison

CASBs provide a breadth and depth of functionality that is indispensable for securing your data across applications, devices and networks.

Ransomware Recovery with Instant RTO May 6

When ransomware hits, you can either pay or fight. Learn the steps to fight back effectively and recover your data. Find out why traditional backup solutions are no longer sufficient to recover from attacks, plus how to leverage the public cloud for DR.  May 6, 1:00 ET

DRaaS for vdi

Managing exponential VDI growth is very challenging by itself. With ransomware attacks increasing, use Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) to protect your apps,  endpoints and data center from natural and man-made disasters.

Spectra StorCycle

Join our webinar to hear about exciting Spectra StorCycle updates, including its newest features, functionality and how any environment can benefit from its cost-savings migration capabilities.

Second Decade of Cloud Computing May 20

The Cloud is not new, but the realization that the resilience and potential of the cloud to respond to global events is. In this dynamic panel with Nasuni, AWS & former NetApp leadership gain a comprehensive insight into future IT strategies. May 20 2 PM ET.

Security Operations Center

It is difficult for IT staff to stay ahead of hackers; plus are you confident that you can immediately respond to an attack? Learn from Arctic Wolf about its 24x7x365 Security Operations Center, that monitors and protects organizations of all sizes.

Ransomware/DRaaS May 7

DR has never been more critical with the rampant rise in ransomware attacks. Learn how to prepare for and recover from a ransomware attack and other disasters, what are the most common DR events, and integrating DR plans with public cloud services. May 7, 1:00 ET

Remote Worker Productivity

Teneo discusses the pros and cons of remote working becoming the ‘New Normal’. Topics include the stress on IT departments, and how organizations can best utilize their existing technology and control costs while optimizing remote worker productivity.

SSL TRAFFIC Firewall Impact

With 70+% of network traffic encrypted, security appliances are overloaded as they decrypt and inspect that traffic for malware without impacting performance. Learn from Corsa how virtualization and horizontal scaling can solve this problem.

Cloud Storage-as-a-Service

Cloud-based Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) integrates on-prem and cloud data, offers multi-tenancy for security plus performance, and stores block, file, and object data. Learn from Zadara how to expand storage with flexibility but no up-front capital expense.