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OCT 8: 11:00 – 4:30 ET, 8:00 – 1:30 PT

Kubernetes, Cloud Native, app Modernization & MIgration: Oct 8

This Virtual Seminar is strategically focused on Kubernetes, Cloud Native Design, and Application Modernization & Migration, covering these and many more highly relevant topics, with cloud architecture and security/data protection as common and underlying themes.

  • Kubernetes and Containers: O/S for the Cloud
  • Cloud Native Design vs Application Migration: When to migrate existing code/app to the cloud, versus writing new, cloud-first code for that app
  • Serverless: The Native Computing Architecture for the Cloud
  • Microservices vs Monolithic App Architecture: When to re-configure large, complex apps onto a set of related microservices
  • Data-Rich Applications on Kubernetes: Learn the value of application-aware storage services, plus seamless data portability across Kubernetes clusters in multi and hybrid cloud
  • COBOL and Kubernetes: See how these two software platforms co-exist
  • Containers and Kubernetes Cost Management: Learn how to optimize container usage to save money
  • Data Protection for Kubernetes Applications: Cloud native platforms for the integrity, backup and always-on availability of mission critical data
  • Container & Application Security: Protecting mission-critical apps and confidential data that is under constant attack by cybercriminals

Learn from the world’s largest technology firms – Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM – plus many other industry leaders. Scroll down to see speakers and the summary agenda. 6 CPE Credit Hours are provided.


If you want to attend but have a scheduling conflict, then still register. You’ll receive a link for on-demand viewing and downloading of all presentations. You can also attend for only those sessions of specific interest to you.

Angelbeat CEO Ron Gerber: Virtual Seminar Overview

Angelbeat® is widely respected for live events; now with virtual seminars, you can still learn from AWS, Microsoft, Google and other leaders about the latest issues. Gerber is a graduate of Harvard Business School and Princeton University.

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