Nov 16: 11 am – 4:30 pm ET, 8 -1:30 PT

TECHnology IN consumer goods & retailing



This Virtual Seminar is focused on how Technology is revolutionizing Retail and Consumer/Packaged Goods. There are multiple Microsoft speakers with extensive industry knowledge and IT experience.

The presentations cover both technical and strategic issues, making it highly relevant for not only software/network/cloud/security professionals but also sales, marketing, finance and business development staff. The content can apply to other industries such as restaurants, hospitality, real estate, distribution, education, etc. where there is face-to-face interaction to serve meals, interact with customers, optimize the supply chain, etc.

Scroll down to see speakers and summary agenda. 6 CPE Credit Hours are offered. Some of the topics include:

  • Omni-Channel consumer interaction across retail store, web, smartphone: Optimized and consistent physical and digital – Phygital – experience
  • Intelligent/Innovative Supply Chain, Inventory Management, IoT Apps: Get the right product, at the right price, to the right customer, at the right time.
  • Retail Store MicroFulfillment: Satisfying consumers who prefer to shop on-line but pickup curbside/in-store
  • Covid-19 Shopping: Contactless, Frictionless, Laborless, Automated
  • Cloud Center of Excellence
  • Mainframe and Legacy Systems: Migrating and/or Modernizing Applications to the Azure Cloud
  • Data Analytics: Real-Time, AI-Powered Actionable Insights by using data from the entire supply chain. British Retailer Marks & Spencer Case Study


If you want to attend but have a scheduling conflict, then still register. You’ll receive a link for on-demand viewing and downloading of all presentations. You can also attend for only those sessions of specific interest to you.

Angelbeat CEO Ron Gerber: Virtual Seminar Overview
Microsoft and Kroger Collaborate on High-Tech Shopping

Angelbeat® is widely respected for live events; now with virtual seminars, you can still learn from Microsoft and other industry leaders about the latest issues. Gerber is a graduate of Harvard Business School and Princeton University.

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