2014 Sponsorship Information and Event Schedule

Angelbeat generates leads for IT vendors and resellers/integrators by matching them with pre-qualified, senior IT Professionals/End Users. This is accomplished through our 15th annual multi-subject seminar in 76 cities, single-topic workshops on Big Data, Security and Cloud, plus online campaigns (email, webinar, social media), all marketed to our database of 275K pre-qualified, senior end user IT professionals.

Click here to download a 2014 sponsorship information package including fees. The schedule is listed below though event details are only posted on www.angelbeat.com for dates over the next 6-8 weeks. Join the Angelbeat linkedin group and read public endorsements by past attendees, plus click below to watch a 2013 overview video. Reply to sponsor@angelbeat.com or call 516-277-2057 for more information.

2014 Live Event Schedule The dates and cities for the multi-subject, comprehensive seminars in 76 cities are listed below; the ~10 locations with a followup Big Data afternoon workshop and/or evening reception are highlighted by a single asterisk “*”. It is anticipated that the first city listed will be the first show in a given week. Then other shows will occur on subsequent days, one after another.

The dates and cities for the ~5 single topic workshops – security breakfast and cloud lunch – are highlighted by two asterisk “**”.

Jan 21 Little Rock
Jan 22 Atlanta
Jan 23 Birmingham

Jan 28 Wichita
Jan 29 Tulsa
Jan 30 Oklahoma City
Jan 31 Dallas

Jan 28 Hartford

Feb 4 Chicago O’Hare

Feb 4 Jacksonville
Feb 5 Orlando
Feb 6 Tampa
Feb 7 Fort Lauderdale

Feb 11 Richmond
Feb 12 Northern Virginia

Feb 11 Tucson
Feb 12 Phoenix
Feb 13 San Diego

Mar 4 Boston*
Mar 5 Providence
Mar 6 Baltimore

Mar 11 Pittsburgh
Mar 12 Columbus, OH

Mar 18 Denver
Mar 20 Salt Lake

Mar 24 Philadelphia
Mar 25 Morristown, New Jersey
Mar 26 Stamford, CT
Mar 27 New York City
Mar 28 Long Island

Apr 22 San Francisco*
Apr 23 Anaheim
Apr 24 Los Angeles

Apr 29 Honolulu

Apr 29 Houston**
Apr 30 Memphis**
May 1 Nashville**

Jun 3 Cincinnati
Jun 4 Louisville
Jun 5 Indianapolis
Jun 6 St. Louis

Jun 9 Des Moines*
Jun 10 Omaha
Jun 11 Sioux Falls, SD
Jun 12 Fargo, ND

Jul 14 Chicago Downtown*
Jul 15 Milwaukee
Jul 16 Cleveland*
Jul 17 Detroit
Jul 18 Kansas City

Jul 22 San Antonio
Jul 23 Austin
Jul 24 Albuquerque

Aug 12 Minneapolis*
Aug 13 Boise
Aug 14 Seattle*
Aug 15 Portland

Aug 19 Philadelphia**

Sep 16 Jackson, MS
Sep 17 Baton Rouge
Sep 18 New Orleans
Sep 18 Charleston, WV

Oct 14 Las Vegas
Oct 15 El Paso
Oct 16 Houston*

Oct 21 Raleigh
Oct 22 Charlotte*
Oct 23 Columbia, SC
OCt 24 Charleston, SC

Nov 12 Washington, DC*
Nov 13 Miami*

Nov 18 Rochester
Nov 19 Nashua, NH
Nov 20 Portland, ME

Dec 8 Memphis*
Dec 9 Nashville*
Dec 10 Chattanooga
Dec 11 Knoxville

Dec Jersey City
Dec Brooklyn