Fake Bullying/Suicide Video: The Importance of Angelbeat.org

A Long Island, New York student at Longwood High School created a fake bullying video last week, describing the torment felt by the victim, leading to her (fictitious) suicide. This was not done to embarrass the district nor any student, but to raise awareness about this growing problem. This tragic scenario has played out in real life all too often.

But after posting on May 15 the video to Facebook – tantamount to a loud and public cry for help from our nation’s youth – she was neither praised nor condemned but simply suspended from school. See this Newsday story http://www.newsday.com/long-island/suffolk/longwood-student-suspended-over-video-1.3731711.

I don’t get it. If I were the Superintendent of Longwood Schools (who is understandably not happy about this type of publicity), then I would have nonetheless embraced this student’s mission and done everything possible to make my district the safest one in the state, if not the country. Turn lemon into lemonade. That didn’t happen and it’s a shame.

But that’s why I formed www.angelbeat.org, to fill this void and inform parents, school staff and students about cyberbullying, and how and why it must be stopped. Check out www.angelbeat.org for details about our first program in Long Island on Monday June 4th, featuring experts from the FBI, Microsoft and Apple.

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