Privacy Policy

Sponsoring organizations – whose financial support allows Angelbeat to put on these very informative programs at no charge to pre-qualified enterprise IT professionals – are given the attendee and registration list for opt-in registrants only for telephone, mail and email followup after the event. During the registration process and immediately following the event, attendees are given the option of opting in or out from these post-event vendor solicitations. Any violations of this policy by our sponsors/speakers should be reported directly to Angelbeat CEO Ron Gerber at or at 516-277-2057. Angelbeat is very sensitive to our attendees’ privacy concerns; during the registration process attendees can request that Angelbeat keep their contact information confidential. Thank you for your understanding. On a related note please call Angelbeat at 516-277-2057 or email if you would like to have your email address removed from Angelbeat outbound email communications.