About Angelbeat

Having held well over 700 seminars since its founding in 1999, Angelbeat is the largest IT event company in North America based on its 66-city geographic coverage. Content is updated annually and focus on the related areas of security/compliance, virtualization/storage/infrastructure/data center and networking/wireless/voip. Each seminar brings together end user IT professionals with Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, EMC, Intel, Google, Verizon Wireless and other top firms. Presentation content is carefully monitored to focus on top IT issues, eliminate sales pitches and avoid redundant content, which provides attendees with maximum learning in a one-day session. Angelbeat also organizes breakfast workshops on a single subject – desktop/VDI/Windows 8 migration, physical/IT security convergence – and has established www.angelbeat.com as a destination site for IT professionals, with daily updates and on-line content to complement face-to-face seminars. Angelbeat has also produced events for organizations such as Microsoft and Intel, created one-day end user workshops for Viacom, City of Houston and other leading employers, and launched www.angelbeat.org cyberbullying seminars for parents and educators.

You can reach Angelbeat at 516-277-2057 or email rgerber@angelbeat.com or use the following form. For instance you may be interested in knowing when an Angelbeat event is coming to your city (if it is not listed on the website), have your email address be added or removed from Angelbeat outbound email communications, get more information about a specific area or vendor, etc.

Through these activities Angelbeat CEO and founder Ron Gerber has an unmatched level of knowledge, contacts and credibility among both technology vendors and their CTO/CIO customer base. Based on his industry reputation, he was selected to write quarterly supplements on the wireless industry for the New York Times Advertising Department. Gerber is a graduate of Princeton University, Harvard Business School, and previously worked at Honeywell, Kyocera and Accenture before founding Angelbeat. Further details on Angelbeat are available at //www.angelbeat.com.